yooook provides for any kind of professional digital or digitizable creation:

Logistics Funding Services
Hosting content, manage access globally and on a case-by-case basis. Setup the logistical components into innovative business models. Components fill up a funding gauge, for liberating content and/or copyright. Whether you are only using the logistics, or planning an advanced use of the funding gauge, you can call upon our services at any time:
  • Consulting
  • Creation
  • Software development
Licensing: manage your copyright globally and on a case-by-case basis.
Pressing CD/DVD/Vinyl and mail order. Per unit, limited or massive edition.
E-banking: pay and get paid (micropayment, donation, buy, income, etc…). (contact at the bottom of the page)
Business keys
  • Downloading
  • Licensing
  • Pressing
  • Reward

Once a content lies in the open on the Internet, any control of its copy becomes impossible. This dismisses remuneration models based on a per copy sale after the content's release.

To remedy this yooook has invented a funding system placed before the release, where we still control the content. The more money comes in the gauge, the more new content is released. Thus, anyone in the public is likely to look after the smooth progress of the funding.

Because of this principle, yooook rehabilitates the efficiency of payments based on a per copy basis (on some portions of content only, and during the critical funding period). Indeed, given that it's in everyone's that the other ones pay too, a self-control over copy imposes itself within the public.

See an example of business model that uses all the keys.