yooook has been created by Camille Harang, who is having passion for arts and computing. For more than 10 years of professional activity in these two domains he amasses experiences related to creativity in the digital world. At the time Camille was living in Korea, the different points of view standing on these stakes has crystallized in a worrying way. Then, he decides to put his knowledge in favour of the artists and the public.

Back in France, he launched the yooook platform (end of 2009), conceived to facilitate the emergence of new business models for digital content. By developing tools that allow authors to bring new responses to the stakes posed by digital content over networks, an by establishing an ideal equilibrium between technology, funding and copyright.

Twitter : yooook (@yooookofficial), Camille Harang (@mammique).

Achievements (from 2010 to 2012)

J'aime l'Info

Realization of J'aime l'Info website (all software development and integration), a funding platform dedicated to online press, ordered by Rue89, with a grant provided by the Secretary of State for Digital Economy (Ministère de l'Économie de l'Industrie et de l'Emploi).

Thanks: S.A.R.D.

« Fair V.O.D »

Development (in full) of an innovating « fair V.O.D (Video-On-Demand) » solution in collaboration with Séance Tenante and Jocelinéaste, on the occasion of the V.O.D release of the movie Moi, la Finance et le Développement Durable (integration by dirtykoala).

Thanks: Cinémas Utopia and Vidéo en Poche.

TEI viewer

Development (in full) of a software for viewing manuscripts that are digitized according to the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) scientific standard, for the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), the EHESS (School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences), the GRIHL (Interdisciplinary Research Group on the History of Literature) and the CRH (Historical Research Center).

Thanks: Loïc Dachary.

Bubblies 2.0

Upgrade of the multimedia and merchandising parts of the innovative music band Bubblies's website, on the occasion of their 20th anniversary, a symbolic date for the full transition from their CD production model to the Web. This collaboration (consulting, copyright issues, Web development, etc.) led to many innovations, including an interactive vinyl record.

Thanks: L'Esplanade.

Wikipedia printing service

Development (in full) of a mail order printing solution (by postal way), integrated into the libre encyclopedia Wikipedia's website.

Thanks: Christophe Henner and Adrienne Alix.

Silent Noise

Development of audio/video streaming solutions (Web and FM radio) for the Silent Noise concert of the Bubblies (technology scouting, Web development, integration, partnerships, etc.).


Development assistance (European geostrategy, relational, economical and legal issues) of the digital rights management platform CreationMix (Singapore), directed by Lawrence Lessig, funded by Neoteny Labs (Joi Ito's investment "seed" fund) and developed in collaboration with Pivotal Labs.

Thanks: Lawrence Lessig and Joi Ito.


Development (in full) of a business software application for press secretaries, in collaboration with LaNavire publishing company.

Courses, professional training, conferences, interventions, presentations, etc.


Creation of a working group of cultural entities about digital issues, in order to identify common needs and ways to coordinate their implementation: ooo-ooo-ooo. With Combustible (music), Séance Tenante (cinema programmation), Shagaï (Contemporary Art), Vidéo en Poche (film distribution) and L'Esplanade (digital practices).

Thanks: Valentin Lacambre.


Assisting and supporting the development of the distributed search engine Seeks (consulting, relationship, strategy, software development, promotion, graphics, user interface, animations, legal issues, etc.).

Other networks & partners