Frequently asked questions

In which file format may I upload content on yooook?

Please visit the file format page for these details.

Can I browse all the creations uploaded to the site from the site?

No, yooook follows certain basic principles the Internet relies on, that are believed to be sane, perennial and fair, such as decentralization. yooook therefore is no crossroad nor subnet within the network. Visitors should reach creative content displayed on yooook directly from other websites (authors' homepages, blogs, podcasts, websearch engines, etc.). yooook's main page is mostly for authors. Therefore yooook does not provide browsing tools from its website.

How does yooook manage to press CD/DVD/Vinyls before knowing whether they will sell or not?

This is not the way it works. Based on a pre-ordering system, disks are manufactured only after a critical number of pre-orders (as defined by the author) is reached. Otherwise, every buyer gets his money back. However, it is possible for someone (the author, the producer, or anyone else) to put up bond for the manufacturing process, therefore making them readily available.

Can yooook send me copies of my CD/DVD/Vinyl?

You (as the author) can request a batch of copies of your disk on its order page. As soon as manufacturing starts, we will contact you about the feasibility of making extra copies for you. If the manufacturing method lends itself to a large number of copies (e.g. industrial) we will be able to propose you a very low price (up to free!). But, you understand that you will have to pay at least the shipping. You can renew this request as many times as you want.

Do I have to use all yooook's services for my creation?

No, everything is optional but rights granting to the public (even minor). However, the author remains free to decide when (for which amount) this granting occurs.

What is the difference with NoMajorMusik, KissKissBankBank, MyMajorCompany, Spidart, etc.?

These sites are dedicated to production, yooook doesn't cover the production phase. But, the creations found on yooook may rely onto traditional production, self-production or shared production as proposed by these sites.

In which languages is this website available?

The content of yooook's webpages is rendered according to the langage settings of your browser, as well as to the available translations. If you wish to bypass the automatic parameters, you may specify the langage directly by appending ?lang= followed by your langage's 2 letters code to the address of the page (e.g. ?lang=fr for French). If a translation is available it will be displayed.

Will it be possible to access yooook's services via an API?

Yes, the "read-only" version of the API has been developed with AEC. The full documentation and its sample code will be released (under free AGPL license) soon. The "read/write" version (allowing content upload) will be implemented within few months.

What does the logo depict?

The logo is reminding a 6.