Liberation poll

This is a simple polling system for liberating content's copyright in exchange for money. Each liberation poll refers to a content, it asks people how much they are willing to pay to see a Creative Commons license being applied to it. When the total amount based on all the answers1 passes a certain mark, an alert is raised. Then yooook contacts the right holders of the content for a proposal. If they agree, a liberation process made possible by yooook is run to fund, license and free the content.

 (or use the API)

Example: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rallying Entities

Are any of those who forward people to one or more liberation poll(s). A Rallying Entity can simply be an individual putting an ad hoc liberation poll's link on her/his blog or email's footer, but it could also be a website or a software (that generates traffic related to identifiable content liable to copyright) forwarding its users/visitors to a liberation poll related to the said content (an API is available for that purpose).

A liberation poll is not necessary associated to a Rallying Entity, the latest is then considered as an Anonymous Rallying Entity.

Rallying Entities need to create an account on yooook to identify and associate themselves to their liberation poll(s).

Do Rallying Entities make money?

Yes2, in the case a deal is successful with the right holders and the liberation process is fully completed. The Rallying Entities take half3 of the profits that usually goes to yooook (normally 7.5%, the remaining 92.5% is for the right holders4). Their shares are calculated in proportion with the answers generated from their traffic5 (their number, their pertinence6, and their generosity).