On today, 2017-12-11. VAT not applicable (art. 293 B of French General Tax Code).

Creation profits' sharing

for yooook
92.5% for the author
or the creditor(s) she/he designates

Direct donation's sharing

for yooook
98% for the creditor(s)

Crediting your yooook account

Bank fixed transfer fee is offered by yooook the first time you credit your yooook account, otherwise each bank transfer has a fixed fee of 0.50€.

Withdrawing from your yooook account

Bank transfer fee for withdrawal is 2% of the transfered amount, plus a fixed transfer fee of 0.50€.

Disks' base price

The base price is the incompressible cost for one copy (from its manufacture to its final destination, world-wide). It depends on the number of pre-orders required to begin the manufacture, this number is choosen by the author, it's called the manufacturing cycle. The public price for one copy is the addition of the base price and the profits defined on each sale by the author.

Manufacturing cycle

(maximum 500)
Details Base price Planned manufacturing methods
Material Labor
(handcrafting, wrapping, expense management, consignment, etc.)
(package/enveloppe and shipping fees)
Cover Disk Finishing

Duration: minute(s). It can affect vinyl's base price.