yooook – Terms of Sale

These Terms of Sale govern all orders ("Orders") made by the Clients pertaining to the purchase of Products, the paid access to Creations, and/or the entering into Contracts. By placing an Order, Clients accept to be bound by the Terms of Sale without reservation, as evidenced by the ticking of the corresponding box prior to the final validation of their Orders. As the Terms of Sale may be modified from time to time, all Orders shall be governed by the current version at the time of such Order. Unless otherwise stated, the capitalized terms shall have the meanings set forth in the yooook Terms of Service. The Client declares being at least eighteen year-old and legally capable of entering into a sale contract (or duly authorized by his legal guardians). Please note that it is necessary that your internet browser accepts scripts to use the Site.

1. Orders

Clients may place Orders on the Site as follows:

The funds may also be used to become a Liberator or a Guarantor; such actions are governed by the yooook Terms of Service.

2. Offer & Acceptance

Acceptance is deemed complete when the Client clicks on the order button. All allocations of funds are final. By exception, the Client may cancel an Order pertaining to a Product provided that (i) the Product is not in stock at the time the Order was placed and that (ii) the number of pre-orders necessary to begin their manufacturing has not been reached. When such number is reached, the Client understands and expressly accepts that the Order becomes automatically final, without any further notice or action needed.

3. Pricing & Invoicing

Prices are stated in euros, all taxes included and delivery fees included. Upon the completion of an Order, the corresponding invoice shall be available in the Client’s transactions page.

4. Crediting & Payment

To credit Your Account from your personal bank account, you shall use the PayBox Direct Plus solution made available to you by the Site. You may refer to the yooook Terms of Service and PayBox Direct Plus site if you need more information.

5. Delivery & Shipment

Products are delivered worldwide. The maximum delivery date is indicated on the Site prior to the final validation of the Order. If the Product is not is stock at the time the Order is placed, it is not possible to indicate such delivery date. As soon as the Product is in stock, yooook shall, however, inform you of such maximum delivery date by sending an email.

6. Right to Retract

The Client may retract from his purchase during seven days after the receipt of the Product. If this delay expires on a Saturday, Sunday, or a national holiday, it is extended to the following working day.

This right may be exercised without any penalty. The cost of returning the Products relies on the Client pursuant to the applicable law. The Client must return the Product to yooook (11, rue de l’Industrie – 31000 Toulouse, France) during the above seven-day period as evidenced by the postmark. The Client shall be reimbursed within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the Product by yooook.

However, due to the nature of the Products, You may not return them if You have opened their packaging. You understand that only the part of the price corresponding the physical copy is prone to be reimbursed, the amount corresponding to the Earnings of the Creation being irrevocably awarded to the Creditors when you purchase the Product.

7. Warranty

In the event that a Product is defective and cannot be used in accordance with its usual destination, yooook shall exchange it for an identical Product or fully reimburse You if it cannot be replaced or is no longer available. The return fees incurred by the Client are reimbursed by yooook upon justification.

You must send back the Product before any further use to yooook (11, rue de l’Industrie – 31000 Toulouse, France) with the corresponding invoice (available on the Site via the transaction page). The reimbursement shall occur within thirty (30) days from the receipt of the Product by yooook.

8. Cancellation of Orders

In case of a delivery delay of more than seven (7) days not excused by force majeure, the Client may cancel his Order.

9. Customer Service

The customer service may be reached by email or telephone as indicated on the Site. All returns of Products shall be addressed to yooook (11, rue de l’Industrie – 31000 Toulouse, France) or any other address indicated by the customer service. The customer service is there to address all questions pertaining to the Orders and the return of Products.

10. Liability

The Client is solely responsible for his Account and transactions page.

11. Disclaimer – Limitation of Liability

In addition to the disclaimer of the yooook Terms of Service, the Client acknowledges that yooook may not be liable for any payment whatsoever in case of breach by yooook of these Terms of Sale. The Client’s exclusive remedy shall be the cancellation of his Order and/or the reimbursement his payment, in the conditions enumerated in these Terms of Sale.

12. Personal Data

yooook respects your privacy. We encourage You to carefully read our privacy policy.

13. Applicable Law

The Terms of Sale shall be governed by French law only. French Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute relating to their interpretation, execution and/or termination.